• McDonald’s taps into McDonald’s mania for latest NFT series

  • Following in the footsteps of its Asian counterparts, McDonald’s USA is rolling out its first NFTs. the result is a mouth-watering depiction of the most notorious barbecue food of all – the mighty McRib.

    To celebrate the 40th anniversary of this culinary marvel, McDonald’s is reintroducing the delicacy to its menu, much to the delight of its extremely passionate fan base. At the same time, the chain has also launched a small McRib digital collection. As a result, the tasty snack will return to McDonald’s U.S. locations on November 1, with an NFT “sweepstakes” taking place November 1-7.

    For a chance to win one of these meaty works of art, fans of this sporadic sandwich must follow the McDonald’s Twitter account and retweet the sweepstakes invitation during the event. Then, hope and pray that they are one of the chosen few. After a short grace period, 10 lucky winners will receive a digital version of the delicious sandwich to drool over until time runs out.

    Over the past few years, McRib devotees have gone to extreme measures to get their pound of flesh, forming an entire network of McRib detectors and developing dedicated geolocation apps. Now, in 2021, the McRib mania has spread to the blockchain. Fast food has never been hotter.

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