• Alethea AI breaks OpenSea record with latest iNFT sales

  • Alethea AI has been making headlines in the NFT space lately, with the team combining NFT and AI in a remarkable innovation and exploration. Now, with the end of their seven-day auction, they have set a new OpenSea record.

    The auction was a historic moment for NFTs, AI and the blockchain, featuring the first collection of 100 intelligent NFTs called “Undead” and the sale of 10,000 Personality Pods, allowing any NFT to be animated and brought to life.

    The Undead sold for about 2,400 ETH on the primary and secondary markets and made $10 million in a week. The highest selling undead was Vincent Van Gogh, who sold for 58 ETH ($232,000).The Personality Pods sold for nearly 1,600 ETH, netting about $7 million.

    For those familiar with iNFTs, The Revenants is a truly revolutionary series that has changed the imagination of collectors and allowed them to earn rewards. In the future, as iNFTs further develop their intelligence, they (rather than a person) could become the star of an advertising campaign, deliver a keynote speech, or even appear in a movie. An iNFT can appear in many places at once, making the perfect Metaverse score.

    The Personality Pods collection is equally exciting for collectors, allowing any NFT owner to blend their existing NFT with a Personality Pod, giving it life and personality. If this is just the beginning of iNFTs, then the future is sure to be filled with the next level of NFT metamorphosis!

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