• Dvision Metaverse to Launch on November 1

  • The DVision Metaverse will officially go live on November 1. According to the team, it is gearing up to unveil the metaverse with the most anticipated Squid Game Show-related game event pieces, which will be available on launch day. This comes after the Dvision Network celebrated the first anniversary of the Binance smart chain in early September. Moreover, an open beta for Dvision World was executed. the Binance Smart Chain one year anniversary metaverse is the latest in a long line of well-received and engaged events conducted by Dvision Network.

    In particular, the main lobby of the metaverse is called ‘Dvision World’ and it is the gateway to all the metacities that will be revealed in the virtual world. The ‘Central Warp Tower’ where each metacity will be revealed will connect the 20 different cities of the Dvision World.

    As a result, users will be able to create their avatars and gain access to the DVision world. As well as participating in various events and attending the launch of the ‘metacities’.

    Speaking about Dvision World, Boburjon Muydinov, Head of Business Development at Dvision Network, revealed. :.

    Dvision World will be fully open to the public on November 1, 2021.This milestone achievement by Dvision Network is equal to the mainnet release that the blockchain protocol enables, as it initiates the beginning of the ecosystem expansion phase and completes the closed meta-state development phase.

    Clearly, the tantalizing sight of metacities will undoubtedly delight attendees as the launch date draws near. The meta-space is a developing concept and virtual place to host events, games and various other virtual activities. Here is a glimpse of the meta-city.

    Obviously, the tantalizing sight of the meta-city will no doubt delight attendees as the launch date draws near. The meta-space is a developing concept and virtual venue for events, games and various other virtual activities. Here’s a glimpse of the meta-city.

    What exactly is Dvision?

    The BSC-based Dvision network advertises itself as a blockchain-based metaverse where everyone can build their own avatars and explore a virtual world where nothing is impossible. People can enjoy games, activities, and even bazaars, all of which are typical features. People can enjoy games, activities, and even bazaars, all of which are typical features.

    Most excitingly, users are welcome to create their own NFTs without any development experience and provide a decentralized exchange where such NFTs can be sold and purchased, generating revenue. The platform powers the DVI utility token, which is traded on many major exchanges.

    How to participate in Dvision Metaverse

    To be a part of the evolution, simply pre-register an account before its debut on November 1 in anticipation of the airdrop announcement and upcoming developments.

    Dvision feature updates

    In fact, the Dvision team also asked users to take a look at some of the new features of the project they’ve been working on before entering the metaverse.

    Earn While You Play. Battle Mode and the Land Purification Process

    The first release of Metaverse Cities will debut a new “game for money” arena where monsters occupy 40% of the LAND and require users to actively engage in a battle mode to purify the LAND from them. Purify the LAND is a battle mode where users must use their PET to fight off virus-infected monsters to facilitate the virus termination process on the lands of Metaverse City.

    New NFT use cases: in-game items

    The PET system is a key component of the “Game for Money” concept, which will debut in Q4 2021. In order to participate in Battle Mode and contribute to the LAND purification process, users must first obtain an On-Doll (PET). Users can use their DVI tokens to purchase PETs on the NFT Marketplace.

    Updated token economics: stakes, utility, governance

    The Dvision Token (DVI) is the primary utility and governance token for the Dvision Metaverse.The initial and most important use case for DVI is its marketplace, where users can buy and trade land, AVATAR and ITEM.The Dvision network will run a DAO for decentralized policy making. Starting in early 2022, DVI holders will be able to receive rewards from the DAO pool by pledging their DVI tokens.

    DVG: Newly added in-game reward currency (not tokens)

    DVG (Dvision Gold) is a virtual reward currency ostensibly intended to be used as in-game reward tokens under Dvision’s recently launched Play to Earn concept.

    DAO: An upgraded governance system

    The Dvision network will soon introduce a DAO mechanism for decentralized decision making practices.DAO will be phased in over time in multiple phases.

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