• ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ joins NFT craze, vows to never leave it

  • The cryptocurrency space has seen the emergence of numerous prominent figures who have gone from criticizing it to joining it a few years later. Jordan Belfort, who once railed against Bitcoin but later predicted it would break $100,000, is now an ardent supporter of the irreplaceable token industry.

    In the past year, NFTs have gained the attention of numerous celebrities outside of the cryptocurrency space.

    From individuals like Tom Brady, Stephen Curry, Eminem, and Paris Hilton, to giant organizations like Marvel Studios, DC, and the New York Knicks, all have jumped on the bandwagon in some form or another.

    The latest to dabble is the so-called Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort. In a recent tweet, he expressed his surprise at the space and vowed never to leave it.

    This is somewhat intriguing coming from Belfort due to his past. A few years ago, he took every opportunity to rail against primary cryptocurrencies and other parts of the industry.

    Back in 2018, when most tokens were in a bear market and Bitcoin lost more than half of its dollar value in a matter of months, he dug into his past and said that the situation with BTC reminded him of the days when he and his company used to rip people off.

    In addition, he urged investors who wanted to join because they “believed in it” to run for the hills.

    Earlier this year, however, Belfort changed his tune. He went from predicting that Bitcoin would disappear to envisioning a $100,000 price tag.

    He reasoned that the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent actions taken by governments around the world had completely changed his view of the asset.

    In his latest tweet, he also changed his profile picture to include an NFT, and it appears he is now a believer in the non-fakeable asset as well.

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