• Elephant Art Online debuts unique commission NFT

  • There are times when you think you may have seen it all. Then, all of a sudden, an elephant appears on the blockchain, drawing a tree, surprisingly through.

    As you may have learned, Tunwa is not your average NFT artist, he’s a 4 metric ton Asian elephant. Plus, he’s the star artist of Elephant Art Online, which is apparently a thing. And now, through their new NFT business branch, Bittrunks, you too have the opportunity to own artwork you never knew you wanted. Also, it doesn’t look like the messy stuff those apes paint, it’s a completely recognizable painting of a tree. Leaves and everything. There are humans on the block who are less talented than this magnificent beast.

    This NFT piece from Elephant Art Online will arrive via OpenSea’s auction. It begins at 9:30 a.m. ET on October 28 and runs through noon ET on November 4. In addition, the winning bidder will receive the physical painting, as well as plenty of bonus content. Included are videos and photos documenting the making of the artwork, as well as footage of Tunwa frolicking in his jungle habitat.

    Tunwa himself will also benefit, with an undisclosed portion of the proceeds going to support the elephant park where Tunwa resides, the highly rated Mae Tong Elephant Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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