• Sword of Ember NFT land sale community pledges $203 million

  • Bright Star Studios’ Sword of Ember has offered land for sale to their community, which has reached $203 million through pledges.

    The land sale for the Sword of Ember MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) is the second one so far. 14,000 applicants from the community took part in the sale of a game that has not even been released yet and is not expected to be alpha tested until next year.

    Mark Laursen, CEO of Bright Star Studios and Sword of Ember, said.

    “We are working hard to develop a player-driven economy that allows players to earn rewards and money through in-game activities, including the creation of unique, tradable NFT items. The huge success of this land sale is a testament to the excitement that the gaming community has generated around our mission.”

    The sale within the Sword of Ember virtual land space is one of four countries in Thanabus called Solarwood.These plots are further subdivided into plots, settlements, towns and cities.

    The owner of a plot will receive a percentage of the income generated by the estate in which the plot is located. This income is not an in-game currency.

    Regarding the benefits of owning land, Laursen adds ”

    “Owning land in Sword of Ember allows players to share transaction fees and other in-game services in the game world, using Ether to empower community members through the democratization of the game economy. We see this as the tip of the iceberg of a new monetization model and way of empowering players and artists.”

    The purchase of virtual land could be thought of as a land mortgage similar to the frenzy of 1893 when settlers flocked to Cherokee land at the signal of a pistol shot.

    In the various cryptocurrency virtual worlds, people are paying huge prices for plots of land. There are actually very few successful blockchain games, so imagine what the future holds. The space is in the incredibly early stages and the games that can produce the most sustainable and exciting environments are the ones that will thrive.

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