• Time Magazine partners with NFT Studios for fantastic blind drop

  • The Times is launching a new NFT series, dubbed “TIMEPieces.” The series is a celebration of the artists who have supported the publication over the years.

    A total of 4,676 pieces will make up the series, including works from more than 40 different creators. These digital masterpieces will be delivered by blind auction and will be available at an acceptable price of 0.1 ETH per piece. Once the series is completely sold out, the images will display themselves, along with their associated scarcity.

    Unlike many other collectibles, TIMEPieces are more than just a pretty picture, as each item will have additional utility value. With this in mind, each piece in the collection will be available as a subscription to the Times website, expiring on the centennial in 2023. In addition, the artwork will include eligibility for a number of future events and experiences.

    Time Inc. is the latest high-profile company to accept NFTs. The company sees this not only as a medium to grow its brand, but also to build a decentralized community. In addition, Time Inc. will be releasing a hardcover book of their art collection at this November’s Dreamverse Festival, of which they are also a patron.

    The book will be delivered at high noon EST on September 23rd and will operate from the NFT Center at Time. All of this NFT witchcraft is made possible with the help of meta-space pioneers NFT Studios.

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