• ‘Star Trek’ ship NFT now on VeVe website

  • Digital collectibles platform VeVe has announced its latest collaboration with Star Trek. The duo will release an unforgettable NFT collection for fans around the world. The collection, titled Star Trek: The Next Generation, will showcase two popular ships and items from the series. Collectors will have the opportunity to join the American spaceships Enterprise-D and Borg Cube.

    Fans will know that the U.S. Federation starship Enterprise-D, commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard, is a 24th-century Federation Galaxy-class starship operated by Starfleet and the fifth Federation starship to bear the Enterprise name.NFT will be available in uncommon and ultra-rare versions in 1:1 scale and 1:1000 scale for $40 and $110 USD.

    The Borg Tesseract, built by the Borg Collective out of titanium, is one of the most destructive weapons ever created.The NFT will be available in 1:1 scale and 1:1000 scale in uncommon and rare versions for $60 and $130 respectively.

    The NFT can be purchased now here. There will be 9,888 regular and 6,888 rare editions of the Borg Cube.U.S.S. Enterprise-D will be available in 8,888 unregular editions and 5,888 rare editions.

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