• ‘The Sims’ creator developing new ‘scary’ game with artificial intelligence

  • Gallium Studios, the company behind the popular game The Sims, has partnered with DLT gaming company Forte Labs to create a new game under the title Proxi.

    In this blockchain and AI-based game, users will be able to produce and own their content.

    A “scary game about self-discovery.”

    This new game will enable users to create “proxies” of their thoughts. Players will be able to visualize newly created memories with 3D drawings, photos and audio files. These memories will be used to create a world and a mind.

    The game, called Proxi, will allow players to see how they arrange their memories, how they think, and what adds uniqueness to their personality. The game will also allow for the creation of a special map. It will reflect how the player relates himself or herself to all the things he or she has encountered in life. When this is done, an agent becomes alive and it can interact with other agents in the game.

    Will Wright, the creator of The Sims, said in an interview that the game will be about self-discovery, which can be “scary” for many people.

    “I think that self-discovery is scary. Knowing about the world is not as scary as knowing about yourself.”

    NFT ownership and access to compensation for content production

    The blockchain foundation provided by Forte Labs will allow players to own their memories – in the form of NFT. The game is being built half by Gallium’s team and half by Forte’s developers.

    Forte Labs is based in San Francisco, and it powers the DLT infrastructure for the computer game – cryptocurrency wallets, NFTs, addressing regulatory issues, and more.

    The company will ensure that in Proxi, players will ensure that ownership of memories will be given to players as unforgeable tokens, and that content creators will be paid for what they do.

    There will also be an in-game marketplace where players will be able to trade everything in the form of NFTs, or buy them in dollars.

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