• Age of Racing NFT pre-orders coming soon

  • The full speed NFT driving experience, Racing Time, is about to release its first vehicles to eagerly waiting gamers. This initial pre-order is for modular race cars and accessories delivered via the Flow blockchain.

    On October 21 at 3pm UTC, fans will be able to purchase one of 10,000 mystery boxes, each containing all the components needed to build an awesome racer. The purchase will contain a race car, tail spoiler, wheels, external spoiler, exhaust funnel, and paint. These items can then be upgraded and customized in-game with additional purchases, trades, and bonuses.

    There are three different levels of Mystery Boxes that offer different opportunities to get rare items. There are 6,000 Platinum boxes at $49 a pop, 3,000 Gold boxes at $119 a pop, and 1,000 top Diamond tiers at $399 a pop, as well as three rarity types of boxes up for grabs. As such, the Diamond level offers the best chance of getting rarer items. Car parts are individually graded, so it makes perfect sense to receive a mix of item rarities in each box.

    Due to the nature of the Flow blockchain, participants can purchase using $FLOW or its local stable coin, $FUSD. However, users should be aware that the price of $FLOW is locked two hours prior to the sale and requires an additional 10% premium fee. Additionally, in order to make a purchase, a FLOW-compatible wallet is required, and both Blocto wallets and Ledger hardware wallets are capable of this rating.

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