• The Weekly World News NFT series features the tabloid’s notable personalities

  • This month, avid readers of Weekly World News will be able to own a special digital cover as NFT. from the top newsmakers in the crypto world, Elon Musk or GaryVee, to the iconic Bat Boy, this exclusive series has it all – and it’s ready to take over the market.

    Travel back in time with Weekly World News NFT

    On November 29, the iconic chronicler Weekly World News takes the NFT stage in a five-piece set. The series, dubbed “Is Time Dead?” , which features NFT covers that beautifully combine the iconic storyline with modern technological themes.

    Accordingly, there will be five collectibles available through the OpenSea platform. Three of the unique NFT covers are addressing key questions in our evolution, such as, “Is reality dead?” and ” Is Time Dead?” or “Is Satan Dead?” with corresponding stories. For example, one of the covers features a story about Bill Gates’ alleged appearance on The Bachelor TV show.

    What’s more, some of the other outlandish stories are about seed phrases, ethereum, and the topic of debates between entrepreneurs like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk. Overall, the Weekly World News NFT series is a celebration of the tabloid’s signature style of fictional journalism.

    Of course, there’s no way the Bat Boy could have missed this iconic series. The most famous character depicted by Weekly World News, Batboy appeared on the special cover of the 2003 physical print edition of NFT. This time, the hybrid creature drives a Mini Cooper during a police chase in three states.

    Last but not least, the series includes three major digital covers of the NFT. bidding on these five beautiful assets will begin at noon EST on November 29th with no reserve. Notably, the lucky winner will also receive a physical copy of the limited edition 2021 print issue of Weekly World News’ greatest cover – which includes an autograph from Bat Boy.

    More print publications taking advantage of NFTs

    Weekly World News isn’t the first brick-and-mortar publication to join the NFT space. In the past few months, we’ve seen many of the industry’s biggest names launch their own collections as well.

    For example, Fortune Magazine NFTs, which launched in September, raised a whopping $650,000. Playboy has also seen a lot of success thanks to its Miami Beach-themed collection, which was released in July.

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