• A license plate with NFT is for sale in the US for 5,888 ETH

  • The state of California sells a physical license plate with the letters “MM” paired with NFT for display on the OpenSea Marketplace. The cost of the kit is 5,888 ETH.

    In 2017, local authorities allowed license plate owners to resell them. In California, two to seven characters are used on the numbers – two being the rarest, with repeating characters being particularly valuable.

    According to the website dedicated to him, a sign with the letters “MM” is literally “one in a million” given the total number of cars registered in the state (35 million).

    The reverse side of the sign contains a QR code for an unforgeable token. If the owner finds a buyer, the number will be the most valuable in automotive history – and the leader is Abu Dhabi’s “1” logo, which sold for $14.2 million.

    According to the owner’s account, the number was set on a McLaren 765 LT. According to media reports, the supercar cost well under the $375,000 mark.

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