• The world’s first NFT salted crispy chicken shop! , value skyrocketed 350 times and trade for fried goods

  • In the virtual commodity investment market release at the same time, NFT has also become a popular project for investors, data show that the global NFT trading market has exceeded the $1 billion mark, and the growth rate of more than $1 billion per month, Taiwan has salty chicken operators to take advantage of the NFT boom. Launched the world’s first NFT salted chicken shop, less than 3 days on the shelves, the value soared 350 times, they also shouted to investors, “Our shop may close down because of the external environment or internal management factors, but the world’s first NFT salted chicken will always exist.

    The popular 30-year-old salted chicken shop Shi Yuan Salted Chicken released a series of NFT items on the NFT trading platform Oursong on the 27th, with salted chicken, apricot mushrooms, fried squid, string beans and fried chicken skin, all starting at 1OSD (Oursong coins), and in just under 3 days, the highest priced black salted chicken has soared 350OSD, soaring 350 times. Furthermore, the resale price of the black salted chicken has been raised to 198,000OSD by the winner.

    In the white paper, Division Garden Savory Chicken says the store will play five roles, including maintaining the value of issued NFTs, selling NFTs for no more than the price of the product, ensuring that each transaction can be exchanged for a serving of food, avoiding speculation that defies common sense, and creating co-benefits so that working partners, NFT holders and co-developers still have hope for the future.

    Division Garden Savory Chicken emphasizes that each time there is a new transaction of NFT, the new holder of NFT can redeem the product once at the store and the NFT held does not have to be returned to the store, for example, if A buys NFT beans, he can redeem one free bean at the Division store, if A sells the beans to B, then B can redeem one free bean at the Division store, and so on.

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