• World Famous DJs Paul Oakenfold, Carl Cox, Paul Vardik Spin and Cross-Fertilize in the NFT Universe

  • While celebrities and athletes are diving headfirst into the Non-Fakeable Token (NFT) space, a plethora of music acts have also entered the NFT industry. A team of world famous DJs are represented in the newly launched NFT series called Djenerates.The NFT series is backed by such notable DJs as Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Vardik, Benny Benassi, Sven Weiss and Blond:ish.

    Notable DJs in the NFT Collection

    In 2021, non-fakeable token (NFT) assets have become a billion dollar industry and it seems everyone wants in on the action.

    Popular hip-hop superstars like Snoop Dogg, Lil Pump, Eminem, Jay-Z, Busta Rhymes and Ja Rule have also been getting in on the blockchain and cryptocurrency revolution. Now, a host of popular DJs are being included in a collection of NFTs called Djenerates.

    The collection of NFTs known as Djenerates

    The collection launches on September 28th and features 10,000 unique characters from the electronic music scene.” From clubbers, DJs and bar staff to VIPs, bouncers and dancers, this is your exclusive pass to a new creative club format, called Djenerates,”

    Pioneering DJ Paul Oakenfold to release NFT album on Cardano

    Djenerates’ launch announcement details that the project has partnered with Cardano Network’s Starship Universe. Pioneer DJ Paul Oakenfold revealed at the recent Cardano Summit in Laramie, Wyoming that he will be releasing an NFT album (dubbed “Zombie Lobster”) on the ADA Network.

    “We live in an age of technology,” Oakenfold said.” Platforms used to be trains, clouds were in the sky, and social was where you danced. Things are changing fast. It’s all about ‘when’ and ‘where,’ but rarely is anyone asking ‘why.’ When you do, you find out what’s the right path,” the legendary DJ added.

    The Djenerates series of NFT will be a cross-chain NFT brand, with NFT featuring notable DJs such as Sven Väth, Blond:ish, Anfisa Letyago, Dubfire, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Paul Val Dyk, Benny Benassi, Marco Faraone, and the Stafford Brothers.It also features random clubbers, ravers, bar staff, doormen, and dancers.

    “Working with [Starship] Universe to put the 1st generative NFT into Cardano is an exciting opportunity for Djenerates,” says Hipworth, founder of Djenerates.

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