• Chinese companies rush to register trademarks related to metaverse

  • Chinese companies are keen to register trademarks related to the metaverse, with Baidu and NetEase being the latest tech giants to register such trademarks.

    According to QiChacha, a website where you can search for information about Chinese companies, NetEase has filed three trademarks related to the metaverse.” Netease metaverse,” “LeiFeng metaverse” and “Fuxi metaverse.” Baidu has applied for a trademark for “metapp”.

    NetEase is a leading mobile game manufacturer in China. The games “Identity V” and “Blade Runner” are its representative works. Baidu is a search engine giant in China.

    Chinese companies have launched a boom in registering trademarks related to metadata. More than 3,700 metaspace-related trademarks have been filed for registration, including by Tencent, Bytedance and Alibaba.

    Chinese tech companies are dipping their toes into the metadata space. byteDance acquired a leading maker of virtual reality glasses – a device that is fundamental to metaspace – for about $1.39 billion in August. Tencent got an early start, becoming the Chinese distributor of metaspace sandbox game Roblox in 2019.

    In September, brokerage giant CITIC Securities said in a research note that metadata will enter the exploration phase in the next three to five years and could become a way of life in 20 years.

    However, Chinese authorities are wary of some emerging areas related to blockchain, including the meta-universe and non-falsifiable tokens (NFTs). Last week, a think tank under China’s National Security Bureau published an article saying that metaverse could threaten national security due to technological discrimination, cyber attacks, and the social changes that could result from metaverse. In addition, Chinese authorities have warned against NFT speculation, and Chinese tech giants have vowed to resist NFT hype.

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