• The KB24 NFT series in honor of basketball hero Kobe Bryant is here

  • The team behind the KB24 NFT collection has announced the start of an official pre-sale for fans. The collection was designed in honor of basketball star Kobe Bryant and as a way to raise money for Kobe’s own non-profit organization, formerly known as the Mamba Sports Foundation. This will be the first-ever Kobe collection.

    The KB24 website used to be Kobe’s official website years ago. He served as a place to connect with fans by sharing news about the latest games, selling exclusive merchandise, hosting forums, and allowing fans to sign up for the Kobe Basketball Academy. However, the site was taken away and redirected to a malicious website four years ago, and now the team behind the KB24 NFT series purchased it in an aftermarket sale a few months ago to bring it back to life and recreate the space in honor of the world’s favorite basketball hero.

    In total, there will be 10,000 KOBE NFTs, each priced at 0.08 ETH.Each NFT will be completely unique, with a different combination of attributes representing Kobe’s accomplishments, moments from his career, and his personality.NFT owners will be able to capture their favorite legendary Lakers moments, which will give them access to a Kobe wall that will be publicly hosted, allowing NFT holders to upload their favorite photo or memorabilia and have it always visible to fans who own their digital assets.

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