• Trading Card Game Romp Skyweaver Prepares for Soft Launch

  • Skyweaver, the cross-dimensional trading card game, has announced the arrival of its soft launch. Starting November 25, fans will be able to own and trade items in the Skyweaver ecosystem.

    After a successful beta phase of the project, Skyweaver is about to enter its “soft launch” phase. This means that the player economy will go live on the main website. Thereafter, players will be able to earn rewards for playing the game and trading on the local Skyweaver marketplace.

    Since the soft launch represents the next major phase of the project, all current player progress will be reset to zero, so there will be a level playing field when Skyweaver becomes a platform driven by the player economy. Going forward, the game will operate on a game-by-game basis, allowing members to earn Silver and Gold cards through skilled competitive play, which will then belong entirely to the player and can be fought, traded and given away as they see fit.

    This trial run also marks the entry into the Polygon network, where trades are made using USDC. And, in this incredible next step of the journey, Skyweaver has committed to paying for all gas during the trial run. Prior to the trial run, current beta participants have the chance to win rare Doom Shroom and Starfield cards. Simply topping the beta leaderboard will give you a chance.

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