• Artificial intelligence firm raises $16 million to create NFT Metaverse

  • The world’s first intelligent NFT was released this year by software developer Alethea AI.

    The chatbot NFT was later auctioned off for $478,000.

    Now, big-name investors have raised $16 million in a private token sale to create a meta-universe of NFTs.

    Software developer Alethea AI, which created the world’s first “intelligent NFT,” has just received $16 million through a private token sale to create a metaverse populated by its bots.

    According to Alethea’s announcement, major investors in the token sale include NFT fund Metapurse and investment firm Crypto.com Capital, as well as billionaire investors Mark Cuban, Dapper Labs, BITKRAFT, Galaxy Interactive, Sfermion, and LD Capital.

    For those who don’t know, an NFT is a digital ownership contract that can be attached to anything, such as artwork, audio or video content.NFTs are typically minted and stored on the ethereum blockchain.

    But Alethea wants the NFT world to evolve beyond video and expensive artwork into something with “fully interactive, engaged and autonomous agents that can learn and evolve from their environment.”

    The NFTs that fill the metaspace will thus be talking intelligent NFTs (iNFTs) created by Alethea: machine-learning robots that can carry on human-like conversations. Earlier this year, a conversation was held with a bot named Alice, which was auctioned off in June for $478,800.

    The idea is that a group of iNFTs with their own personalities will be able to communicate with each other in a parallel, computerized, AI-powered world.

    Big name investors were so impressed with Alice that Alethea was able to raise $16 million in a private token sale. These tokens will give holders a stake in this virtual world. In the meantime, Alethea will take that cash and start building.

    “Alethea’s thesis is that the NFTs will provide a clear ownership infrastructure for the emerging Metaverse powered by interactive and intelligent Avatars,” the announcement said.” The AI infrastructure built by Alethea will serve as the underlying connective tissue that will bring NFTs ‘to life’ as interactive media assets with personality traits, preferences and real-time interactive capabilities.”

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