• What is Terraworld and how do I use it?

  • Terraworld cryptocurrency creates an environment much like the real world; however, users interact through specific avatars created by NFT or non-fungible tokens*. On Terraworld, you can do business, own land, or run an organization through buildings that use blockchain technology.

    How do I use Terraworld cryptocurrency?

    Terraworld simulates real-world experiences in a digital ecosystem where users can create specific characters of their choice to perform various tasks using their Terra wallets. Set up your Terra Wallet to cast your NFT of choice for special benefits such as Terra trading (paying with Terra tokens in the Terra ecosystem), participating in airdrops, sponsoring, performing social functions such as parties or events, and setting up kiosks or corporate booths at Terra metaverse corporate events.

    Why is Terraworld trending so heavily in cryptocurrency?

    virtual space

    Terraworld envisions the concept of digital co-working in the post-pandemic era. Users can set up co-working spaces in the virtual realm for various purposes such as participating in venture capital activities, setting up various business setups/storefronts, or even setting up a frugal startup space.


    Terraworld rewards users who spend more time on the Terraworld metaverse. Thus, paving the way for earning more revenue while interacting more with the Terraworld ecosystem. Thus, creating a positive environment for setting up office space or conducting various corporate activities in the Terraworld ecosystem.

    Building real estate

    In the Terraworld metaverse, users can build real estate assets in two forms. (i) land and (ii) buildings. Users first need to purchase land in the Terraworld metaverse. Afterwards, they can convert the land into fully functional office space and rent it out to other users through NFTs. These pre-built structures will be rare and unique. As such, this will drive demand for TWD or Terraworld tokens to enhance the Terraworld multiverse.

    Summing up

    Terraworld has conceived a new way to perform various business functions and corporate activities from the comfort of your home. Ark Investment, a US-based investment management fund, announced in its findings that revenues from virtual worlds will compound by 17% to reach $390 billion by 2025. Projects like Terraworld give new meaning to the use of meta-space, not just for gaming and entertainment, but also for fully functional contemporary business and corporate functions.

    Side note

    NFTs* or Non-fungible tokens are unique forms of cryptocurrency that are not counterfeitable. They can represent real-world assets tokenized in the form of NFTs. examples of NFTs are a piece of art, music, or even a real estate property.

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