• From MegaCryptoPolis to Mega World: How NFT Games Built the Metaverse

  • Metaverse is the buzzword of the moment, with everyone from Facebook to Apple working on technologies to put it to work.

    It’s being touted as the next iteration of the Internet, promising an enduring digital universe in which people interact with each other in a virtual three-dimensional environment, take ownership of digital objects as NFTs, and work and play in a shared space.

    Key to the promise of the metaverse is the concept of digital ownership, enabled by non-falsifiable tokens (NFTs); cryptographically unique tokens linked to digital content that provide a chain of ownership. Now, pioneers of the NFT game, such as MegaCryptoPolis, are evolving their platform into the metaspace of the future.

    MegaCryptoPolis, a city builder game launched in 2018, is one of the first games to utilize NFT. Players buy in-game assets represented by NFT, such as plots, houses, offices and factories. Citizens need jobs, jobs need employees, factories produce resources, and so on. In the three years of its existence, MegaCryptoPolis players have extracted nearly 15,000 ETH and 100 million TRX from the game’s smart contracts, worth more than $65 million at today’s prices, notes developer SUPERNOVAE.

    Meta-universe migration

    Now, MegaCryptoPolis is turning its game world into a full metaverse. Mega World. set to launch on November 2, Mega World will enable players to walk the streets of this cryptocurrency-powered metropolis as metaverse Avatars, entering buildings, completing missions to collect materials, and constructing their own unique buildings. Players will even be able to showcase other projects in Mega World as NFTs and run businesses in their buildings.

    “Users are already familiar with most of the game’s features, such as building buildings, producing resources and trading on the open market,” said Alex Li, chief operating officer of SUPERNOVAE.” Mega World will transform the game map into a global interactive NFT marketplace where players will be able to display and buy NFTs as if they were buying groceries in real life.”

    For metaspace advocates, the idea of being able to transfer NFT from one game to another is crucial, although it is still in its infancy; for example, you can turn your CryptoKitties into pets for MegaCryptoPolis.Mega World represents an important step towards the vision of interoperable NFT, enabling users to Switch between two different game states – city-building simulation and city in the eyes of the avatar – while using their NFTs in both environments.

    Moving to

    Another big hurdle that NFT-powered games need to overcome is the high barrier that comes with the cost of NFT. For example, to start playing Axe Infinite, a new player would need to spend hundreds of dollars on a nominal creature to start playing.

    To ensure that Mega World isn’t limited to veteran players who have amassed acres of virtual land, the game will offer each new user a free Generation K civic avatar and an apartment in the game’s town hall to craft their first items. You don’t even need to build a blockchain wallet to start playing the game, and a series of free play events will go live when Mega World launches.

    The final batch of 15,000 Generation A citizens for MegaCryptopolis will be available at the MegaCryptoPolis Packs Store at a 70% discount until November 9 before Mega World goes fully live.

    Mega World introductions launch on November 2.

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