• EtherCard – Claim your share of $27 million DUST

  • Ether Cards, an Ether-based collection, recently launched its largest giveaway to date. A large number of community members received $27 million in $DUST tokens. And, in theory, these $DUST tokens can be exchanged for real CryptoPunks.

    Starting on October 8, EtherCard began distributing $DUST to early adopters of the platform.In the world of EtherCard, DUST dollars have utility. So anyone with a million dollars in DUST can trade it in for a great CryptoPunk. for the mathematically challenged, that means 27 Punks are potentially available.

    Also, after the CryptoPunks giveaway, EtherCard intends to introduce more collectibles to the redemption program, adding Meebits, Mike Tyson NFTs, Founders cards, and Alpha cards to the mix.

    Anyone holding an item from the EtherCard Founders Collection will be eligible for the giveaway. As a result, many community members are in for a windfall. This price drop is significant because it marks the lead up to the launch of EtherCard’s own self-service NFT platform. A channel where anyone can create, manage and distribute their own dynamic NFTs.

    EtherCard is a collection of 10,000 NFTs designed to provide utility through their services. As such, card ownership offers additional perks, including gamification bonuses, free NFTs, early access and exclusive discounts on partner NFT drops. And now, $DUST tokens are received on the platform.

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