• Ether NFTs can now be transferred to Solana: here’s how

  • Wormhole, the development team behind the world’s first bridge to connect the Ether (ETH) and Solana (SOL) smart contract platforms, now has NFT capabilities.

    Ether and Solana now have a common NFT ecosystem powered by Wormhole

    Ethereum and Solana users can now send NFTs between the two blockchains, according to an official announcement shared by the Wormhole cross-chain bridge provider.

    Starting September 22, 2021, holders of digital collectibles on Ether (including the iconic Crypto Punks, Degen Ape Academy, and more) can now transfer them seamlessly to Solana (SOL).

    In its initial release, the product will support only the most popular digital collectibles standards.ERC-721 and SPL tokens. More standards, including ERC-1155, will be added soon.

    To send NFTs between two chains, users simply connect wallets (Metamask, Sollet, etc.), customize the chain and target account, and select NFTs for transfer and authorization transactions.

    Cross-network bridges are on fire

    This release is part of the second iteration of Wormhole (version v2). Wormhole will integrate more chains such as BSC and Terra (LUNA) in this version.

    With the increasing adoption of DeFi and NFT, the use of cross-network bridges is growing by leaps and bounds.Ethereum-Polygon bridges are the most popular in the Web3 universe.

    Additionally, Circle’s USD Coin (USDC) stable has surpassed Ether as the top asset for cross-chain bridges.

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