• Legendary Animator Phil Tippett Releases Prehistoric NFT

  • Legendary Hollywood animator Phil Tippett has announced his own set of NFT artwork. He will be auctioning off his personal 1984 stop-motion masterpiece Dinosaurs! A clip from it.

    Phil Tippett, known for some of the most awe-inspiring special effects in cinema history, is making Dinosaurs! scenes from the film immortalized. This particular short story was a calling card for Steven Spielberg during the making of the dinosaur bandit Jurassic Park.

    Double Oscar winner Tippett, known for his incredible practical special effects, has been mastering them for over 50 years. With that in mind, he is best known for his work on films like the original Star Wars trilogy, Jurassic Park and RoboCop.

    In an interview about the artwork, Phil Tippet offers these words of the sage.

    “This Genesis NFT is my 1984 stop-motion short Dinosaurs! in one of my favorite clips. These Deinonychuses tear apart this poor Struthiomimus, which just wants to enjoy their breakfast.”

    The 1:9 minute animation is the first of his critically acclaimed Dinosaurs! The Movie the first of eight NFTs. Tippett has hinted that he will be releasing more NFTs from his life’s work, Mad God, later this year.

    The auction is currently running on the SuperRare website and will end on August 20 at 5pm.

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