• Legendary photographer Neil Leifer brings iconic images as NFTs

  • Perhaps the greatest sports photographer of all time, Neil Leifer, is coming to the WAX blockchain. Launching later this month is an exclusive collection of some of his most iconic photos.

    Neil Leifer has had a prolific career spanning over 50 years and is the man responsible for documenting some of the most iconic moments in history. Now, together with WAX, he has brought out the most revered of these images to share with collectors. As a result, the “Neil Leifer: Decades” series will offer fans the opportunity to trade, share and collect a new set of digital artwork.

    The first collection in the series will arrive on November 9 at 1 p.m. ET and focuses on the Swinging Sixties, his first full decade in the industry. In addition, all of the images were taken during his time at Sports Illustrated, and as such, contain some of the images that made the magazine a household name.

    Collectors can purchase two packs of the items for $99.99 a pack, and NFT has five levels of rarity. Thus, the rarest of all items is the framed image, which entitles the owner to its vIRL counterpart. Note, however, that only six of these ultra-rare assets exist. Since there are only 1,248 packages, they represent some of the rarest NFTs on the WAX blockchain.

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