• How much is your love worth? Polish influencer sells ‘love’ as NFT

  • NFTs are becoming the next big thing in the cryptocurrency market as more and more investors join projects around them. Non-melting tokens like the “Stoner Cats” NFTs were a huge success at their community launch. Primarily centered around the arts at its initial release, the non-contagious tokens have now expanded to a much wider range of areas.

    Support for NFTs is growing, with e-commerce giant Shopify adding merchant support for non-fungible tokens. Most recently, Coca-Cola partnered with Tafi to launch its first line of unforgeable tokens. These unforgeable tokens include files such as images, audio and video.

    Now comes one of the most interesting uses of the unforgeable tokens to date, that of 26-year-old Polish influencer Marta Rentel who announced that she was putting her love up for sale online as an NFT. the NFT is priced at $250,000 and the lucky buyer can date the influencer.

    Selling “digital love”

    Speaking about the sale, Rental explained that she is not selling her material love. Rather, she’s selling the love of her online persona.” Nothing on the Internet is physical,” Rental said.” It’s part of my online persona.”

    The 26-year-old Polish influencer has more than 600,000 followers on Instagram and goes by the name Marti Renti online.The influencer explained that she wanted to be the first person in the world to symbolize emotions.

    It’s still a novel idea, as people scratch their heads trying to figure out exactly how they symbolize emotions. But Rental believes that love can be divided into physical love, platonic love, and, most importantly, digital love. Each is as real as the others.

    Rental confirmed the sale of NFT, but added that she doesn’t know who bought it either. The identity of the buyer will remain unknown, it seems, until the date with the influencer.

    NFTs as a store of value

    Given what NFTs represent, they are gaining more support. With this, people can show that they indisputably own a piece of art or anything else that is being sold as an unforgeable token. Information about the work and its owner is written directly to the blockchain, and everyone can see who owns the work.

    This is particularly popular among artists because it provides them with a way to sell their artwork directly. It also helps to combat people using their work without proper payment or authorization.

    The information on the blockchain cannot be edited or deleted. Therefore, all records about the sale are placed on the blockchain, which essentially acts as a digital ledger of the sale.

    Marti Renti hasn’t stopped selling her “love” as NFT. The influencer plans to continue selling her Instagram photos and YouTube videos as unforgeable tokens.

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