• Christie’s sells Beeple’s ‘Human One NFT’ NFT artwork for $29 million

  • Beeple strikes again! Christie’s has auctioned off his latest work Human One NFT, a 3D video sculpture that sold for nearly $29 million. This is a highly anticipated event in the NFT world for a number of reasons. For starters, Beeple currently holds the record for the most expensive NFT sale at $69.3 million. In addition, this is Christie’s first live sale in its New York salesroom since the Great Pop.

    Beeple’s 2021 Masterpiece: Human One NFT NFT

    In less than 3 minutes, Beeple completed another historic NFT auction. Featuring hysterical imagery, this over 7-foot tall sculpture drew bids over the phone from NFT collectors and enthusiasts around the world. In the end, Ryan Zurrer became the new owner of Beeple’s masterpiece. The online bidder from Switzerland is the founder of @Dialectic_CH and @VineVentures.

    Zurrer is ecstatic about his NFT purchase. He said in a tweet, “Bought ONE. thank you, @beeple, for the visionary innovation, amazing new energy and hilarious positive vibes you bring to cryptocurrency and art.

    This kinetic video sculpture creatively combines physical and digital technology. It shows a man in a silver costume striding around wearing what appears to be a space helmet. From another perspective, it is a modern day spaceman trapped in a box. The figure walks determinedly through the changing landscape projected on the four walls of its 4-foot by 4-foot box.

    Artist Mike Winkelmann, pseudonym Beeple, calls it “the first portrait of a human born in a metaverse.”

    Christie’s adds that in Beeple’s work, the images that make up this ever-exploring human world were randomly extracted from a pool of data created by Winkelmann from one-minute video clips.” The artist intends to change the images covering the four walls of the sculpture over the course of his lifetime, creating a lifelong connection with the winning bidder and any future owners of the sculpture.

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