• Christie’s to auction a set of antique cards

  • Christie’s UK, which has held a number of high-profile NFT auctions such as CryptoPunks and Beeple, has announced its latest upcoming NFT sale, a set of old NFT collectibles issued in 2017.

    The sale features what is believed to be one of the earliest NFTs, as they existed even before CryptoPunks. Known as Curio Cards, these NFT collectibles were minted on the ethereum blockchain back in May 2017, 45 days before the creation of Punks in June 2017.

    Creator Thomas Hunt, aka Crazy Bitcoin, was interviewed shortly after their release in 2017. In the interview, Hunt said at the time that NFTs would one day be a huge deal, and well, he couldn’t have been more accurate! Earlier this year, Curio cards made a comeback and there are currently around 3,700 Curio owners with around 22,900 ETH ($75.2 million) traded in the series.

    The NFT set for this auction will also include a Secret Rare card. The auction will take place on October 1, with further details yet to be announced.

    In an August 30 tweet, Christie’s wrote :

    As part of our Post-War to Now auction in New York City on October 1, we are proud to present a complete set of Curio Cards, 30 Non-Fungible Tokens considered to be the oldest artworks on the Ether blockchain.

    The Curio Cards were created by seven different artists and come in 30 different designs, with a total supply of 27,997 cards. However, each card has its own limited supply. For example, card #26 has 111 cards, while cards #7 through 13 each have 2,000 cards.

    Christie’s announcement has already boosted the volume of these NFTs, and the auction is certainly good news for all holders.

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