• Christie’s to Auction 5 Original Veefriends NFTs

  • Anyone who follows the NFT scene will know that Christie’s is no stranger to the NFT market. However, there were a few NFT artists who were taken aback by Gary Vee’s latest announcement about Christie’s auctioning off five of his original Veefriends NFTs. You can take a look at the NFT below to get an idea of the reason for the reaction.

    On the other hand, this is great news for the Veefriends community. Gary Vee is an unparalleled beast when it comes to generating value and community around an idea, so this move is sure to advance the interests of all Veefriends NFT holders. According to OpenSea, Veefriend currently has a reserve price of around 17 ETH, and with Gary’s legendary art up for auction at Christie’s, I wonder how far the price will skyrocket in a few weeks?

    The auction will take place on October 1 and will feature original hand-painted works by “You’re Gonna Die” Fly, Gratitude Gorilla, Tremendous Tiger, “Diamond Hands” Hen and Empathetic Elephant.” It elevates the brand,” says Gary.” People underestimated this project in OG NFT-land and this is another execution that won’t let them underestimate it again.”

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