• Christie’s Art District auction puts Ether bids on the table

  • In the battle for auction house supremacy, Christie’s has thrown a crazy heavy weight into the mix. In a watershed moment for this traditional auction platform, bidding for their next NFT auction will be conducted in Ether. Previously, the auction house has supported ETH payments, but this is the first time live bidding has been done in the digital currency.

    In the near future, Christie’s will host a prestigious art block auction, but this time, collectors will no longer have to bid via the ancient and inconvenient fiat currency. Embracing the future, Christie’s has introduced a mechanism to use state-of-the-art cryptocurrencies in their bidding wars.

    Christie’s has embraced the NFT movement with great enthusiasm and has already launched an NFT-specific sub-item on their platform. Titled “Christie’s Crypto”, it is now a one-stop hub for digital art on the site.

    The Art Blocks auction, titled “Art Blocks Curated: Episodes 1-3,” will begin on October 1 as part of a broader “Post-War to Now” sale in New York.

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