• “Sidekick Chloe” meme celebrity sells NFT at auction for 25ETH

  • ‘Side-eyeing Chloe’ sells her memes at auction as NFT

    The auction started at 5ETH and ended at 25ETH.

    Many meme-based NFTs were sold at massive high prices.

    The non-fakeable token (NFT) industry has been quite hot lately. In the past few months, the market has risen dramatically. With time, the NFT market and industry is entering new heights like never before. Moreover, many prominent game-changing NFTs have significantly boosted the industry.

    Nonetheless, some recent meme-based NFTs have been hot on the market. I can confirm that this particular meme has been viral for a long time in all social media. It’s the “side-eye Chloe” meme, and it features a cute chubby little girl giving a quizzical look that has all the internet in awe.

    ‘Side eye Chloe’ NFT

    No one on social media can pass by without seeing this meme picture. It’s still widely used since nine years ago.In 2013, mother Katie was shown “side-eyeing Chloe” while taking her two young daughters to Disneyland.

    However, their mother didn’t reveal where she was taking the two girls because it was a surprise. On their drive, Katie reveals to her daughters where she’s taking them and captures their entire reaction.

    Also, out of surprise, Chloe’s sister started crying while Chloe just looked sideways in disbelief, showing her protruding milk teeth, which was captured vividly by the camera. So, Katie posted the video on social media and the rest is history!

    End of auction.

    Despite all the fame, this meme picture is now being sold as an NFT by Chloe herself. Also, this NFT is being sold as an auction though.

    Furthermore, the initial price was 5 Ether (ETH), which is about $15,000. Luckily, the auction ended up at 25 ETH, which equates to a whopping $74,000!

    Furthermore, this NFT was purchased by a Dubai-based music production company called “3F Music”.

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