• Russian History Museum Says Rammstein Band Frontman’s NFT Sale Was Unauthorized

  • Till Lindemann, lead singer of German metal band Rammstein, is selling non-fakeable tokens (NFTs), which are digital art of a video he recently shot at the famous Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. However, the museum has now come forward to say that the sale was unauthorized and that it violated the agreement that allowed Lindemann to film at the location.

    In May 2021, Till Lindemann filmed a video of his solo song Любимый город (“Beloved Town”) at the Hermitage – a song first performed by Mark Bernice in 1939 – and Lindemann’s version will be used in the Tim Bekmambetov-directed film Девятаев (translated as “V2. Escape from Hell”) in the film.

    Recently, Lindemann decided to release a series of NFTs known as NFTill in the 12×12 NFT market, which includes a short clip from the video.

    The NFTs range in price from the most common €199 (about $234) to as much as €100,000 (about $117,652) for one of 10 tokens, which include the entire one-shot video, as well as “dinner with Till Lindemann in Moscow, including airfare, accommodation and visa costs for buyer and companion,” according to the marketplace information.

    The invitation had to be cashed out by August 22 of this year, but none of the 10 available NFTs had been purchased as of press time.

    However, Hermitage revealed in a press release that these NFTs are in violation of their agreement with Lindemann, and said.

    “Just recently, it has been proven that Lindemann is releasing a series of NFTs that include digital images taken inside the Hermitage during filming. Any use of images from the museum’s collection and the token collection within the museum that provides a logo of the Hermitage edition is not in agreement with the museum and could not have been in agreement with the museum.”

    The statement added that Lindemann had received warnings about violations of the museum’s licensing policy prior to the collection’s release, but those warnings remain unanswered.

    Furthermore, the Hermitage argues that the incident cannot be “attributed to some imperfection or banal ignorance of world legislation in the field”. However, it is unclear what repercussions, if any, the singer may face.

    Meanwhile, the marketplace shows that 18 of the NFTs priced at $234 have been sold, with four more valued at $351. The more expensive €999 ($1,175), €5,000 ($5,882) and €100,000 ($117,652) are still available.

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