• Meta-Universe’s ‘virtual real estate’ sells for $2.4 million so you can be Jeremy Lin’s neighbor

  • Singaporean singer JJ Lim posted Decentraland’s virtual world “real estate” on Twitter and called on the internet to “Anyone with me?”

    Meanwhile, the official Decentraland website also posted the amazing news that a property located on the community’s “Fashion Street” recently sold for $2.4 million via a cryptocurrency deal, setting a new record for a “luxury home” on the platform.

    Decentraland is a virtual reality platform based on ethereum blockchain technology that allows users to buy land, tour homes and socialize as avatars in the form of “non-fakeable tokens” (NFTs). This concept of virtual worlds is part of the popular topic “metaverse”.

    The “virtual real estate” is approximately 6,090 square meters (about 1,842 pings) in size and was purchased by a team at Tokens.com, a cryptocurrency and NFT investment company, for 618,000 MANA coins at an hourly rate of over $2.42 million, equivalent to $1,314 a ping.

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