• Get ready to dance with the funky punk band NFTs at Solana Ballroom

  • The ultimate punk of funk and grunge, Funky Punks, is coming to the Solana blockchain. However, the project comes with many surprises as the team behind Funky Punks takes another step forward in order to stand out from the “Alt Punks” crowd.

    In total, there will be 7,777 NFTs, created with over 170 unique features, with varying rarity levels in different categories. However, the NFTs come with an additional design layer that makes them even more interesting and exciting for collectors. Introducing what is called a “re-roll” feature, owners will have the ability to customize their punk with unique outfits, ensuring they are uniquely cool.

    Known as the “Dress-O-Matic” feature, you can re-roll for different body parts or be adventurous with a full body rolling outfit. For individual item re-rolls, the price is .2 SOL and for full body rolls, the price is .4 SOL. best of all, you can re-roll as much as you want and dress your punk from top to bottom in their own quirky style.

    There will be no pre-sale whitelist, however, the item is on a bonding curve so be sure to be an early buyer as the more punk sells, the higher the price will be. The first 0-2500 minis will be free, from 2500 to 5000 the price will be 0.3 SOL and from 5000 to 7777 they will sell for 0.6 SOL.

    There will be owner utility and a community-oriented approach while combining innovation with Dress-O-Matic functionality. Some of the utility features will include the release of a fiscal wallet (DAO), and funky punk bodies that roam the metaverse, which will have the same properties as their pixel counterparts.The DAO will be used as a place where a portion of the profits will be distributed and invested in various things, such as metaverse lands, NFT, and new projects.

    Early access to Funky Punks will begin on October 4 and then drop on October 5.

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