• Former basketball star Jay Williams is the latest advocate for the NFT industry

  • Former NBA player Jay Williams recently expressed his interest in the NFT. In fact, Jay asked for advice on investing in the NFT program via twitter.

    Jay Williams and the NFTs

    Previously, on August 22, Jay tweeted about his love for the NFT world. Interestingly enough, the famous “Shark Bay” NFTs customized their NFT drops and added a “J” chain around the neck of one of the sharks in honor of Williams.

    Basically, “Shark Bay” is a 29,000 piece collection. And, the NFT project is heavily traded, with 202 ETH and over 900 owners.

    As a recipient of the John R. Wooden Award and an international celebrity, his fervor for the NFT world is sure to influence many people to follow the NFT space. Clearly, with so many celebrities on board, the enthusiasm for Web 3 and NFT will reach new heights.

    For more information on Jay Williams

    Currently, Jay is a television analyst. He has played professionally for the Chicago Bulls of the NBA. Williams also represented the United States senior national basketball team. In addition, he has won many awards such as the NCAA Championship (2001).

    NABC Player of the Year (2001, 2002) and NBA All-Rookie Second Team (2003).

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