• Join the post-apocalyptic chaos with Hewer Clan NFTs

  • The world was ravaged by a plague and some humans survived, the most powerful having developed immunity to the disease. These hardy survivors will forever be known as the Hewer clan.

    This last bastion of human society is made up of 10,000 algorithmically generated apocalyptic NFTs. As such, they are divided into 4 different factions, each representing their own particular code in the New World. There are gentlemen, knights, bandits and necromancers who are expected to fight in the wasteland. So, choose your allies wisely.

    However, one of the hallmarks of the mighty Hewer Clan is its focus on the community.The team behind Hewer Clan has dedicated up to 40% of its funds, or over 250 ETH, to the Treasury. In addition, this community war fund will receive half of all re-sale profits on the secondary market.

    With this in mind, the community voting mechanism will determine the allocation of funds, such as investing in games, collections, and cryptocurrencies. The full roadmap hints at a combat mechanic and animated series coming to the Hewer world at some point in the future.

    Holders will also receive special items from collaborations with artists, and members will be able to merge their favorite NFTs, such as BAYC, with their Hewer tags to create a new custom NFT.These tags will serve as entry passes to events, meta properties, contests, and a plethora of other perks that will come in the future.

    Pre-sales and casting for whitelist members are currently underway, with a full public sale on August 26th, where each NFT will be sold for 0.06 ETH.

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