• Join AussieMates NFT Club for the ultimate, laid-back vibe!

  • If you’ve been looking for the ultimate, laid-back, chill NFT family to have fun with, then you can check out your new AussieMates, the cool, enthusiastic and loving kangaroos that hop around on the ethereum blockchain. There are 10,000 of them waiting to make friends with you and welcome you to the exciting Roo community.

    Each Roo retails for just 0.05 ETH, so everyone has the opportunity to join the community. Roo NFT holders can also join the Down Under Club which has additional benefits such as rare new AussieMates drops, exclusive merchandise, and the opportunity for two members to fly to Australia, or internationally if they are already in Australia.

    As part of the roadmap, the team behind the project plans to develop a space in Decentraland for all Mates to relax and enjoy. Other future developments include a Bondi Graffiti Wall, where collectors will be able to dynamically change the background of their AussieMate to anything they choose, and an exclusive event where the smartest people can get together and talk all about NFT, cryptocurrency and the future.

    The team will also explore other methods such as pay-to-play, creating digital and physical galleries to showcase your NFT, and developing a local Mates Helping Mates program that will focus on charitable donations and improving community life.

    As part of the Mates program, a portion of the initial placement will be donated to the Gotcha4Life charity, and a portion will go to help those working in the arts, music and hospitality industry due to Australia’s strict blockade. Two per cent of each resale will also go to charities that the community chooses to support.

    The founders of AussieMates are a brother and sister who are passionate about cryptocurrencies, NFTs and creating a community to bridge the gap between beginners and experts in the field. They have set out to remove the barriers that beginners face in entering the field and to promote and innovate with the more experienced people in the community.

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