• Cryptocurrency Exchange FTX US Announces Launch of New NFT Marketplace

  • FTX US is the latest leading US cryptocurrency exchange to announce the launch of its own NFT platform. The new marketplace, called FTX NFTs, will allow users to create NFTs, transfer existing NFTs to the marketplace, and also provide creators with complete control over how they sell their NFTs.

    Initially, the platform will only support NFTs on the Solana blockchain; support for ethereum integration will be rolled out at a later stage.FTX US will be one of the lowest-fee NFT platforms, which will hopefully attract a wider audience. Users will be able to list NFTs for sale in USD, SOL or ETH.

    Brett Harrison, president of FTX US, said.” After immersing ourselves in the NFT ecosystem, we decided to create an NFT marketplace on FTX US. After learning so much about the program, we have a comprehensive understanding of the needs of the creators and collectors of this space. With the launch of this platform, we hope to provide a regulated marketplace for US and global users that is intuitive and responsive to their needs.”

    In addition to offering fixed-price NFTs, FTX US will also have an auction feature with a bidding system. The company said it will work directly with project creators to help ensure the authenticity of NFTs. All Solana NFTs must be Metaplex compliant to be listed on the FTX US NFT marketplace.

    “The NFT ecosystem has begun to infiltrate pop culture, but has lacked a platform to provide easy access and exposure to a mainstream audience,” Harrison said. competition among NFT markets is definitely growing, and we have yet to see which ones have managed to attract a steady audience and stay at the top.

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