• Chinese-speaking singer Zeng Yongxi releases three NFT titles

  • Due to the epidemic, Zeng Yongxi, who has been in love with her Hong Kong musician boyfriend T-MA for four and a half years, has not seen her family in Singapore for almost a year. When she returned to Hong Kong a few days ago and saw T-MA after 14 days of isolation, she exclaimed, “There was a strange sense of strangeness and familiarity that took a whole week to go away!” .

    She created a digital single, “Nightingale,” about the impact of the epidemic on the world and even on individuals. The song can be divided into three stages of life’s journey, namely weightlessness, integration and rebirth. T-MA, who was interested in NFT, came up with the idea of making an NFT for Zeng Yongxi, and collaborated with Taiwanese computer animation company YAGA Animation to create a limited edition NFT of three films: weightlessness, fusion and rebirth, which sold out within a week after bidding was opened.

    Asked about the income? Zeng Yongxi said that each piece was sold for 0.2 Ether, and all 9 pieces were sold in total.

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