• Indian Tea NFTs Are Here: Vadham Brews Up Some Hot Tea Tokens

  • Just when you thought that unforgeable tokens couldn’t get any tastier or more refreshing, Indian tea NFTs landed. One of the best tea producers in the subcontinent, Vadham, has now decided to explore the crypto art space.

    This new project consists of just 10 NFTs in total.The series is titled “Vadham India’s Ticket to Mars”. The artwork itself shows Elon Musk, the man behind Space X and one of several billionaires who seem eager to leave Earth, sipping a cup of tea. In addition to a photo, a 35-second video is included.

    Anyone interested in buying these tokens can go to the OpenSea marketplace. The bidding starts at 0.015 ETH, which is about $48. This is a drop in the ocean compared to many token sets, however, we expect the price to be much higher on the secondary market.

    Tokenized Tea

    As you would expect from a set of Indian tea NFTs, there are some tokens you can drink. Well, sort of. In addition to the encrypted content, buyers will receive a $100 e-gift certificate. Needless to say, this can be redeemed for tea through the online store.

    Clearly, the project is part of Vahdam India’s broader push into the global market. The company’s mission is to build an international brand in the number one tea growing country. Essentially, while much of the tea comes from India, the world’s best-known companies are often based elsewhere. Take, for example, Twinnings and Yorkshire Tea, both of which are based in the UK.

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