• Upcoming NFT Sales of Cryptocurrency Prophecies

  • It’s time to flex your cryptocurrency prophecy skills and claim your place in history in Crypto Prophets, the world’s cutest price prediction trading game. This upcoming blockchain-based thriller allows players to go head-to-head with their opponents in the legendary Battle Arena, where they will compete for candles and predict how each candle will close.


    The core of the gameplay involves players betting tokens and playing against other players. To beat their opponents, players learn to trade candlestick patterns and use their seers to predict how each 10-second candle will close.

    Crypto Prophets are the special creatures that run this show; masters of magic that roam the world of cryptocurrency. They come in the form of rare NFT collectibles, each with their own magical abilities, magical items and spells. They can also be customized to make them more valuable and powerful. Their greatest weakness: their insatiable appetite for cryptocurrency gains!

    The first generation of Prophets come in various classes such as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Some of these races include the Satoshians, The Etherians, The Ripptilians, and The Tezmanians.Crypto Prophets also give players the opportunity to earn massive rewards through daily draws. The rarity of the Crypto Prophet used in each battle determines how many raffle tickets the player receives for each battle victory.

    Join the first Crypto Prophet NFT sale on October 12 at 12pm UTC and stock up on a limited number of NFT summoning stones at the in-game store. Learn more about the price drop and how to sign up here.

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    The history of the Crypto Prophets goes back to a time long ago, when there was peace and prosperity among the people in the Kingdom of Opulentos. But one day, a huge army from the great outer planets came to the gates of the kingdom and launched a great attack. The ruler of the kingdom of Opulentos, summoned the great sorcerer Cong and his band of crypto-prophets to defend the borders of the kingdom. They have suffered many losses and now they must re-establish their once prosperous society.


    Blockchain Games co-founders Paul Lindsell (CEO) and Philipe Comini (CDO) have an extensive background in gaming, programming and product design. Key partners and investors include Animoca Brands, Polygon, ChainLink, Moonwhale, Spark Digital Capital, MorningStar Ventures, DAO Makerl and others.

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