• Antique card set sells for $1.2 million at Christie’s Ether exclusive auction

  • Curio Cards – the complete set of the oldest NFT art collection on the Ether blockchain (including all 30 cards and 17b misprints) sold for a whopping 393 ETH or $1.2 million at an Ether-exclusive auction held at Christie’s on October 1. This is the first time an art collection has been sold exclusively in Ether (ETH) tokens or any other cryptocurrency, as most previous NFT auctions have been conducted in US dollars (on-chain or otherwise). The world’s largest auction houses have recently taken a keen interest in digital art collections on the blockchain, with recent NFT sales exceeding $100 million.

    The vintage cards are part of a post-war-present series that features highly sought-after contemporary artists and the blockchain-based Art Blocks NFT collection. It kicked off the October auction season at the world’s largest auction house. This historic event has been made possible through the commendable efforts of Noah Davis – Christie’s Vice Chairman and resident NFT expert. This will propel NFT into the mainstream by giving legitimacy to its tokens and recognition by traditional art institutions.

    About the Antiques Card

    Curio Cards is the oldest known collection of NFT artwork on the ethereum blockchain, and the contract was deployed on May 9, 2017. That means it predates CryptoPunks by 45 days or 1.5 months – which was released on June 23, 2017. It was created by Thomas Hunt, Travis Uhrig and Rhett Creighton. These cards are best understood as heavily modified ERC-20 tokens, as there was no NFT grade ERC-721 at the time.After deducting about 1,000 burned cards, there are a total of 27,997 vintage cards. They are a collection of 30 collector cards in variable supply, with varying meanings and, of course, a rich history.

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