• Taiwan Jane Love Milk Tea NFT has entered the international market

  • Taiwan’s NFT (Non-Counterfeitable Token) has entered the international NFT market for the first time, with the Taiwanese team’s “Meta-Universe AR Augmented Reality”, the Jen Love Milk Tea NFT, released by world-class blockchain company Chainlink.

    Blockchain is the use of high-strength cryptographic formulas for military and banking applications to create a globally shared database that cannot be tampered with by anyone, securing everyone’s assets and allowing users to prove they own assets, which in addition to being available as a virtual currency, now extends to Non-Counterfeitable Tokens (NFT).

    The application of NFT is similar to the concept of cards and collectibles, which can be described as a collectible with verifiable ownership; and the rarity of the collectible can be verified through high strength encryption protection, which makes NFT significantly beyond the virtual treasures of traditional online games.

    While Chainlink is a decentralized predictive mechanism (Oracle), the virtual currency issued by Chainlink, Link, has reached a market cap of $13 billion and is one of the top virtual currencies. Jen Love Milk Tea NFT applies Chainlink’s “verifiable random number” feature, allowing everyone to truly experience a secure “blind box”.

    This time, the Taiwan team applied the concept of meta-universe to create blockchain NFT works with the theme of the national beverage – Pearl Milk Tea. With the ease of use of the website and the rarity of collectibles on the blockchain NFT, we hope to drive the Taiwan NFT market into a new era.

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