• The Only Art Dunhuang Series NFT Coming Soon

  • On November 22, in order to provide Dunhuang culture lovers with a brand new digital experience, China’s first digital art e-commerce platform “Only Art” will join hands with the Dunhuang Research Institute to launch a series of dynamic NFTs on Dunhuang art in the hottest and most innovative way to promote, carry forward and inherit Dunhuang culture.

    The Dunhuang Art Series Dynamic NFT combines static content with dynamic content to bring the ancient culture to life with the help of emerging technologies, allowing the public to better appreciate the artistic charm and cultural value of Dunhuang culture, bringing the thousand-year-old Dunhuang in line with the times, providing a new digital experience for Dunhuang culture lovers and NFT enthusiasts, and bringing a new way to play Dunhuang.

    The Dunhuang series of NFTs will be available in a blind box. From a full set of “Flying Dance” static images to unlocking dynamic images, users will receive more benefits.

    The release of the dynamic Dunhuang NFT on the only art platform is an exploration of how to promote Dunhuang culture in a more innovative and engaging way, said Wang Feng, director of the Dunhuang Academy.

    The strategic cooperation between the Only Art Platform and the Dunhuang Academy is also an attempt to revitalize traditional culture in the context of technology empowerment, and is the Only Art Platform’s first attempt to combine traditional culture, NFT preservation and digitalization.

    The Only Art Platform hopes that through the joint efforts of both parties, the Chinese digital art market will get to know and understand Dunhuang, a profound culture from China, and the charm of Chinese traditional culture and intangible heritage.

    The Dunhuang NFT series is a new attempt to integrate traditional culture with contemporary technology, realizing a new look beyond the caves. We hope to form a new media communication system for Dunhuang culture, with Dunhuang cultural heritage value mining as the core, digital creativity as the means, and new technology as the support. The new media system aims to help the public experience the charm of Dunhuang, a pearl of world civilization, and will be powered by contemporary technology to exude even greater charm and light.

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