• NFT series by the masters of hip-hop to be released worldwide

  • The first series of Non-Forgible Tokens (NFT) celebrating hip-hop pioneers is scheduled to be released globally.

    The series, called Masterminds of Hip Hop, will be available exclusively on TOKAU, the leading NFT platform. While previews are available as of today, the series will go on sale on August 31. Reports indicate that Def Jam Records founder Russell Simmons and hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg curated the collection.

    Masterminds of Hip Hop will showcase never-before-seen or heard recordings and artwork from artists who helped create and shape the hip-hop music industry. These artists include Chuck D of Public Enemy, Big Daddy Kane, MC Lyte, Nikki D and Doug E. Fresh, to name a few.

    Russell Simmons says the collection is “designed to give credit to the founding fathers of the cultural movement.”

    “I often think of early pre-recorded hip-hop when it was just a performance art,” he continues.” There were rappers and DJs who pioneered the space and made it so popular that the recording of rap artists was imminent.

    “None of them are getting the credit I think they deserve, and this is my chance to revisit and repay these amazing artists with a new vehicle while they’re still alive.”

    The collection will consist of two phases. Pre-recordings and Early Recordings. Thus, a total of 40 unique NFTs will make up the Masters of Hip Hop collection.

    NFTs take on the world of music

    This may be the first NFT series to celebrate hip-hop pioneers, but it’s not the first time the music industry has embraced the NFT. much like the sports and literary worlds, music jumped on the NFT train as the market boomed earlier this year.

    Since then, artists in all areas of music, from symphony orchestras to heavy metal stars, have been trying to get their share of the NFT pie. Earlier this month, Sony Music and rap legend Eminem participated in the latest round of funding for NFT marketplace MakersPlace. The platform raised a total of $30 million in this latest round of funding.

    In addition, the recording of Claude Debussy’s masterpiece Clair de Lunebec became the first ever music-based NFT to reach Earth orbit.The digital file was launched on the International Space Station, also known as NFT, and orbited Earth for approximately 90 minutes.

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