• International Digital Marketing Mogul Nick Bell Launches Exclusive NFT Program

  • First Page Hong Kong has become the fastest growing digital marketing agency in Hong Kong, thanks to the team’s insistence on creative thinking and pushing boundaries.

    As one of the brands owned by international digital marketing mogul Nick Bell, First Page Hong Kong has now joined forces with several of the group’s global brands to form an international digital marketing brand – Superist.

    Superist is a vast digital marketing network that combines the power and strength of several brands to further shake up the global digital marketing landscape. The group will soon launch a range of NFT products and plans to accept cryptocurrency payments from customers in the coming months.

    Lars Maehler, Managing Director of First Page said, “As a digital marketing group, we need to keep up with technology and innovation in order to create the best opportunities for our clients and with the growth of NFT, it is only right that Superist takes the lead in developing its own NFT program.

    Superist currently has nine NFTs on the OpenSea platform, representing different leaders within the group, and buyers can purchase an hour of their time. the value of the NFTs will increase as the group grows, and buyers can also choose to retain the right to redeem this hour for later use.

    To date, the group’s brands include Appscore (Australia), Chili (Brazil, Panama, Mexico), CODI Agency (Australia), First Page (Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore), Lisnic (Australia), Primal (Malaysia and Thailand), Removify (Australia ) and USEO (Middle East). . They offer a wide range of services including digital marketing, copywriting content development, image management, app and website development and various types of workshops.

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