• NFT market sales start to improve after last week’s sharp market decline

  • Seven days ago, sales in the non-forgeable token (NFT) market took a dip after reaching an all-time high in August. A week later, sales have rebounded somewhat, with NFT markets like Opensea, Rarible and Superrare improving in terms of trading volume over the seven-day period.

    Opensea, Rarible, Hic et nunc, Makersplace, Superrare see NFT weekly trading volume improve

    On September 12, 2021, sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) plummeted 86% from their all-time sales highs in mid-August. Opensea, the top-ranked NFT marketplace by sales volume, saw its seven-day sales slump 52.47%. Sales of various NFT marketplaces and popular collectibles slowed sharply between Sept. 10 and 13.

    NFT markets Aavegotchi, Superrare and Foundation.

    However, a week later, NFT sales are rebounding somewhat and popular markets and collectibles are picking up. Statistics from dappradar.com show that Opensea had a trading volume of $629.35 million involving 172,267 traders.

    Weekly trading volume improved by 0.94% and the number of Opensea traders jumped by 9.02%.Opensea is compatible with the Ethereum and Polygon networks.The second largest NFT program by weekly volume on September 19 was Axie Infinity, with $110.61 million in seven-day sales.

    NBA Top Shot, Atomicmarket, Aavegotchi, Foundation NFT Volumes Slide – Old 2017 Rare Pepe Series 1 Card Enters Top 10 in Sales

    NFT marketplace for Rarible, Opensea, NBA Top Shot, Makersplace, Hic et nunc, Axie Infinity and Atomicmarket.Although Axie Infinity was the second largest in terms of volume over the seven-day period, last week, Axie Infinity’s volume ended up dropping by 23.93%. rarible had a volume of $4.9 million for the week and it was up 60.27% from last week.

    The Tezos-powered Hic et nunc NFT marketplace raked in $4.51 million and was up 35.69% for the week. The marketplace Superrare.co earned $3.31 million, up 11.92% in seven days. makersplace had a good week, harvesting about $557,000 in volume, up 31.83%.

    NBA Top Shot, Atomicmarket, Aavegotchi and Foundation all posted losses in weekly trading volume, with losses ranging from 17.94% to 59.53%. The biggest NFT sale of the week stemmed from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) line as BAYC #81 sold for $1.9 million this week.

    The top non-friable token (NFT) sales for the past seven days, according to dappradar.com

    The dominant forces in this week’s NFT sales top 10 include NFTs originating from the Artblocks series.An older NFT, RAREPEPE Card 1, Series 1 sold 18 hours ago for $683.75K or 200 ether, making it the top 10 NFT sales category this week.

    Weekly stats from nonfungible.com’s market data show that last week’s NFT sales on Sept. 11 were about 36,095. This week there are now 46,390 NFT sales, an increase of about 28.52%. In terms of the number of unique wallets buying or selling NFT assets, nonfungible.com’s stats show there are 31,255 active marketplace wallets.

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