• CrypTOKYO NFT Exhibition at Trunk Hotel Tokyo

  • The latest edition of CrypTOKYO will take place at the Trunk Hotel Tokyo, in collaboration with Bailey Labs’ Blockchain Art Exchange (BAE). Organized by BAE, the foremost marketplace for NFT assets, the exhibition will feature artworks by artists representing different galleries in the BAE GALLERY system.

    The first gallery to take place at the CrypTOKYO exhibition is Fighting Against ALS Currency.FAAC is dedicated to ALS survivor and founding member of the END ALS Association, Hiro Fujita. Founded in 2012 for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the organization’s goal is to spread awareness of ALS and sponsor the development of ALS treatments.

    The exhibition is curated by Kathy Knowles of unKut Diamond and Jesse McFaddin of RIZE/The BONEZ. One of the featured NFT artworks in the exhibition is a piece titled “King Hiro” by Tadaomi Shibuya. The piece was inspired by the work P.H.A.S.E. 2 awarded Hiro titled “Be A Hero.” It was announced that a portion of the proceeds from the art gallery will be donated to the END ALS Association and various medical research institutions for research and development of treatments for neurodegenerative diseases.

    The BAE GALLERY system provides each gallery owner with a unique customizable smart contract. Smart contracts enable artists to curate their gallery, customize the theme of the gallery, and determine royalty payment arrangements to artists with full gallery support and zero upload fees. In this innovative system, BAE GALLERY levies a nominal fee of 1.5% as a commission fee for individuals and artists to create and build their art galleries. The week-long NFT Artworks Grand Exhibition will also feature unique custom art galleries by BAE artists, including Kazu Hatano, Steven Daly, Kannon of a Thousand Hands, and many more.

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