• The Conference.NFT in Ukraine is over. What did you miss?

  • Last week, on November 27, Conference.NFT was held in the city of Kiev, Ukraine. It was the first conference dedicated to NFT in Ukraine. The conference consisted of 500 offline participants and 2000 online participants.

    Before that, AroundB organizers first conducted the same event virtually with more than 1500 participants. With the success of the event, the organizers decided to execute a proper physical conference.

    Highlights of the NFT conference

    The event consisted of many unique presentations and interactive discussions. Interestingly, Ukrainian singer DOROFEEVA launched her 1/1 NFT edition on SpaceSeven, which is also a partner of Conference.NFT.

    In addition, the participants took part in the real NFT auction of the painting “Metaverse is you”. The painting was made by a Ukrainian artist and is a contemporary art form.

    In addition, the conference included many elements. First of all, many questions from the audience made the conference quite interactive. Secondly, many speakers spoke on future related topics. In addition, there were discussions on what is happening in the crypto world.

    Accordingly, there were many notable talks at Conference.NFT. Just to name a few, Andrei from Tacans Group talked about “Climbing to the top of blockchain trends”. Others include Stephan’s important online discussion on “How to Communicate and Market Your NFT Project.”

    Intriguingly, artist Ulka Mak described her experiences in the crypto world. And Roman Skaskiw and Dmitry Kornilov talked about marketing NFT and the use of NFT in business.

    In fact, the conference lasted more than 7 hours. Interestingly, it also included an after party at the Avangarden Art Gallery and Wine Bar.

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