• Land auction to capture the walking dead in the sandbox

  • Are you ready for the biggest invasion in the universe? The Walking Dead and the survivors of the apocalypse are coming your way in the sandbox in The Walking Dead Land Sales! These two companies recently announced their partnership and are now ready to get started.

    The sale will include premium lands, estates, and exclusives for Glenn, Rick, and Negan NFT. the sale will be split into four waves, running every Thursday, starting August 26th at 1PM UTC and ending September 16th. With each new wave, an iconic location from the comic will be revealed, along with a unique set of NFTs, including an exclusive hero, gear, and a large prop bundled with the premium lands.

    Premium estates will be specific to each wave, with a bundle of 5 exclusive NFTs per wave. All estates will be sold through a Dutch auction on OpenSea and each large estate will be located near a 24×24 Walking Dead estate.

    The first wave will include 530 lots and 120 premium lots surrounding the prison. The second wave will have 502 lots and 95 premium lots in the Federal District. The third wave will include 416 plots and 97 prime plots in the Alexandria Security Zone colony. And the final wave 4 will have 602 plots and 200 prime plots.

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