• New car dealership at Vox Walk in CryptoVoxels

  • At CryptoVoxels, meta-architects The Philosopher are building a quirky and exciting new attraction. The building is a car dealership with a variety of vehicles such as motorcycles, cars and trucks.

    Some vehicles have been released on OpenSea for as low as 0.1 ETH, such as the CryptoDavidson series of 10 luxury 1/1 motorcycles made by artist and designer Ghini and branded by The Philosopher. Other vehicles available are a high-grade red highway car and a huge box truck.

    The store is still very new and is a work in progress so there is only a few things to shop for, however it is part of the Vox Walk shopping center and is surrounded by many amazing CV wearables stores that will keep you busy shopping for at least a few years.Still Litty Vibes, Stellabelle’s CV wearables store, the Patternbase and Scifipunks, and Jaskimon are some of the exclusive brands around the car dealership.

    Vox Walk is a community wearables department store by CryptoVoxels on Vibes Island. Be sure to walk around and see some of the incredible fashion pieces created by the meta designers, with many more coming soon.

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